IGN Evadeo Primo test and review

Aesthetically the new GPS IGN is not a revolution.

Only a larger screen, now occupying almost all of

housing, differentiates it from previous Evadeo.

Always sober – sad some say – the device is not

yet adapted to a real outdoor use. because unlike

Magellan Crossover, it is not waterproof or shockproof. The luminosity

of the screen seems against better and allows visibility

correct in most situations.

difficult reception

In car navigation, no changes were made. The Evadeo

Primo remains effective and unrivaled in accuracy with its

IGN maps identifying almost all of French localities. But

before being guided to the countless remote destinations

he’ll have to be patient, especially if you have a

car equipped with a heat-reflective windscreen (present on vehicles

with air conditioning). With such a car – a Renault

ScĂ©nic – we actually had to wait more than three minutes before

the GPS properly acquired satellite signals.

hiking guide

Ended drive, the Evadeo will be able to demonstrate his

new capacity on the roads. As with the

previous model, it is necessary to first download

IGN hiking maps corresponding to the region where it is located, to

attractive rate of one euro each. While Evadeo was content to locate the user on

these cards, Evadeo Primo now provides guidance on

thereof. To do this, simply download a route (in the format

of GPX exchange) from their PC. And you can even use this feature

to be guided on walks already made since this Evadeo

Primo systematically stores the paths of the user. The

long walks lovers will appreciate further increased autonomy

(About 6 hours) through a battery now more consistent. But regrets that the economical operating mode causes paused the unit

requiring a full reboot every time you want to take a look at the map. So it is better memorize the

card and not to look at each crossing trail on pain

having to wait each time you restart the GPS.

In the end, this new Evadeo not quite live up to its

claims. The few changes that were aimed at

led to a hiking GPS, do not solve completely the

problems associated with such use. IGN Evadeo Primo fact remains

least one good multi-GPS (road and trail) but will not replace

not your IGN topographic maps.