HTTPS Everywhere: surf safely and discretion

Many sites are inadequately protected and are

not encrypted automatically. To avoid being track or

hack, in general, simply replace the “http” in the URL

an “https”.

Basically, the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is

hypertext encrypted protocol that allows secure exchanges

data, particularly when financial transactions between you and the

Server site visited. But do you pay attention, systematically

at the beginning of the address of the sites you visit?

In partnership with the Tor Project, which aims to develop a decentralized computer network, anonymous, the Electronic Frontier Foundation

(EFF), a well-known NGO defenders of privacy

Internet offers since 2010, a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, which automatically activates the HTTPS secure connection over 1500 sites visited, called HTTPS Everywhere.

Since February 4, this expansion now extends to smartphones with Android / Firefox (alas, no iOS version to the horizon, as Mozilla turn its back on Apple).

Same principle, same operation: HTTPS Everywhere for mobile

HTTPS connection active even if the visited site via your smartphone

is not encrypted in the database.

For the EFF, the software would be a first protection against NSA

and mass surveillance, “because it makes mandatory the browser

of the Internet use HTTPS on sites where the measurement

is available as an option otherwise. “And to clarify

still, that HTTPS Everywhere is unable to “protect

connections when servers do not offer the HTTPS option. “A

you check for a small padlock in the bar

navigation (otherwise, pay attention).

Not a panacea

No need, therefore, ask you questions, you can now

surf tranquil, either from your desktop or from your

mobile … except when it comes to “rebel sites.” Remains to you

give some common sense tips: This extension is not a

miracle solution, as battery or software tools

we offer regularly. This is a tool, and it

never replace the vigilance of the person using it.

So avoid surfing anywhere, use firewalls, install tools to limit tracking websites, brief adopt responsible behavior, and this will avoid unpleasant surprises.