HP PSC 2510 Photosmart: test and review

The all-in-one HP PSC 2510 Photosmart incorporates photo-quality printing, faxing, scanning and copying in a homogeneous mixture with a friendly interface. Unfortunately, versatility does not mask these deficiencies. If, on one hand, it produces excellent image quality and high reproduction rates, the other, the rates of printing and scanning are catastrophic. In addition, some digitized texts were blurry and printed texts were unclear. However, all is not so bad. The PSC 2510 includes 802.11b wireless connectivity, an Ethernet jack and functionality of standalone fax-ready.

Multifunction printers, which bring together various hardware components in a single device, are never aesthetic models. The HP PSC 2510 is no exception to the rule, although its elegant silvery, retractable color LCD screen of 6.3 cm and bunk supply / output bins, typical of HP, give it some style. With dimensions of 48,3×39,1×23,6 cm (W x D x H) and a weight of only 9 kg, the PSC 2510 enrolled about average.

The LCD has two functions. It is, firstly, to view digital images on memory cards: CompactFlash Type I / II, SmartMedia, Secure Digital / MultiMediaCard, Memory Stick and xD. In addition, it displays the menu options for each of the many functions of the PSC 2510. Just below the screen are buttons dedicated to scan menus, photo printing, copying and fax. They surround a navigation pad for navigating menus said. In this group of commands are the four keys that automatically launch the most used for the photo options: “Slide Show” (slideshow) presents images in a predefined order, “E-mail” sent by e-mail the photo on the screen, “Rotate” changes the orientation of an image, and “Proof Sheet” automatically print a contact sheet.

Finally, a front keypad allows the use of PSC 2510 as a standalone fax. This distinction is important, insofar as most of today’s multifunction printers offer only fax features based on computer, while others, such as the Epson RX500 are certainly equipped with a numeric keypad, but require you to install your own fax software.

wireless and Ethernet

The HP PSC 2510 Photosmart incorporates several professional features, available to hire on other models. For example, it supports Ethernet (HP provides the Ethernet cable) and 802.11b. The PSC 2510 is also provided with a fax modem 33.6 Kbit / s and a standalone fax software feature-rich, which is rare. HP even includes a phone cord to its integrated telephone jack.

The PSC 2510 certainly makes it easy to use the most basic printing functions without a computer, but photo editing or scanning will demand the use of included software (compatible with Windows and Mac OS X). HP Director is a general interface that displays icons for common tasks, such as scanning a document or image, sending a fax, image transfer or purchase of supplies (ink and paper) from HP. Director also detects other devices installed in the brand and to switch from one to the other. The HP Photo & Imaging software allows you to manage your photos, create special projects, such as photo album pages, cards or brochures, and perform basic edits, such as cuts, elimination of eyes red and adjusting color and brightness.

However, one of the most interesting features is the ability to print a contact sheet, from a memory card and use it to print only some of the photos. The multifunction printer also saves the memory card data to a PC or Mac, and print one by one the images of digital video.

All for the picture

The inability to scan slides and negatives nevertheless an important gap in the PSC 2510 Photosmart. One option is, however, present on the Epson RX500. The PSC 2510 has struggled during speed tests conducted by eLaptopComputer Labs. She printed our paper of 10 pages of text at a rate of 1.43 page per minute (ppm), which is very slow considering that the Epson Stylus C84, cheaper, averaged 5 ppm. It took him a good 10 minutes per page (MPP) to print our photo 20 x 30 cm, which is shocking when you consider that we place a so-called slow performance between 4 and 5 MPP. Be aware that printing photos 11 x 15 cm is faster.

The HP PSC 2510 Photosmart printer performance is decidedly mixed. His prints are of exceptional quality. Both clean and precise, they have homogenous shades, restore skin tones flawlessly and did not show any dithering. On inkjet paper, text and graphics are also rather satisfactory. Although the text is not quite clear, blur is noticeable that if the characters very closely observed. The graphs display colors slightly attenuated and appear to have a juxtaposition of points, but the overall result is pleasing to the eye and the color fidelity is excellent.

Scanning speeds of PSC 2510 are also slow, and the images it produced during the tests conducted by eLaptopComputer Labs were far from exceptional. The PSC 2510 scans a 3.7 ppm monochrome document, which is much slower than the 7.6 ppm of the Epson RX500. For color documents, it scans at speeds of 3.3 ppm, 7.5 ppm against for the RX500. Quality monochrome scans and color of the PSC 2510 is just OK. Our monochrome text appeared very vague, while the images produced at our color scanning test were attenuated and faded. However, in the copier mode, the PSC reproduces images at 1.1 ppm, very close performance of 1.5 ppm of the Epson RX500.