HP Jornada 565: test and review

Although it has essentially the same dimensions and the same shape as the previous models, the Jornada 565 is more attractive. It is silver and protected by gray rubberized plastic band. The protective flap may seem superfluous at first, but it turns out in fact very significant.

Apart from appearance, the most notable change is probably the new 3.5-inch screen that displays 65,536 colors. Its backlight lacks a bit of power, but in return, the battery offers 14 hours of battery life. This is a significant improvement compared to currently available 8:00 most Pocket PC. Best of all, the lithium polymer battery can be removed and replaced by standard batteries or extended battery.

With its very compact adapter sector, the Jornada 565 is truly mobile. Former bulkier adapter is still available as an option, but the new weighs less than 100 grams. The Jornada 565 weighing less than 200 grams, the total weight is less than 300 grams. It is possible to use the new adapter on the base provided with the Pocket PC or connect it directly to the Jornada 565. In fact, if you use the infrared port to connect via a laptop, it may be that you are using never the base. The other advantage of this solution is that you no longer need the data cable, which is also more comes with the Jornada.

StrongARM processor at 206 MHz

The Jornada 565 is the first HP Pocket PC to be provided with a StrongARM processor at 206 MHz. It also has 32MB of RAM and 32MB of flash memory. You can add memory via slot CompactFlash Type I. The latter also has a removable component that allows to use other CompactFlash devices such as modems and network cards.

If you already use a Pocket PC, the 2002 version of the operating system will not seem really different. This is done on purpose. Even Microsoft concedes that this version is set to change. Pocket PC 2002 offers all Pocket versions of the most popular applications such as Word, Excel and Internet Explorer. Microsoft has harmonized the interface, added the most requested features such as the ability to show the contacts by company, to know what those present at a meeting or to synchronize multiple directories in your inbox. Some new tools have also been added, such as MSN Messenger. This version provides options reserved for the world of business as a VPN client and the possibility of access to shared volumes over a network.

HP has a reputation for delivering good software with its Pocket PC and the Jornada 565 confirms this. This model includes a productivity software, backup utilities, an image viewer, applications for digital music and audiobooks, drivers for consumer accessories such as wireless network cards, modems, and keyboards.

The Jordana 565 offers all the usual buttons to access applications. The first four you open the HP default main menu (for quick access to applications and most used options), contacts, calendar and tasks. On the side and the front panel are the buttons for scrolling and selecting objects and save text or voice memos. Top of the Jornada, an LED lights up and turns red when charging and green data when the operation is complete. She flashes to remind you of your appointment.

The small built-in speaker is ultimately not as bad as we thought. However, to listen to music with Windows Media Player, it’s best to use headphones, not supplied. Finally, the Jornada 565 is a real novelty of interest.

John Morris, ZDNet USA – Translation Evocati