HP iPaq H4150: test and review

At first glance, the H4150, thin and light as the H1940, with a faster processor and Wi-Fi wireless connection, seems the ideal Pocket PC. Especially he finally has a standard headphone jack! A priori, therefore, no complaints. But before acquiring this iPaq is better to take the time to question the use of Wi-Fi. For those planning to send many emails and instant messages in an area with good coverage Wi- Fi, it is perhaps best to equip a PDA with a.

The H4150 seems to replace the H1940 that has no wireless connection. Size about the same (113,5x71x13 mm), it is slightly heavier – 132 grams – but remains the lightest PDAs equipped with an 802.11b media now available on the market. It also has the same transflective TFT display 65,000 colors mixed.

The H4150 is not really a clone of his predecessor. HP has indeed refined the style and changed the location of the buttons. The navigation pad and soft keys for application launch saw their exchanged forms: the first is now square and other circulars are better separated from each other. The infrared port is on the left past what is now the voice record button, or the bottom right of the unit. Unlike other PDAs, the H4150 has no scroll wheel and pen seem a bit small for some users.

Another detail to note: unlike the H1940, the power button has not one but two LED. The left indicates the status of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or both, while the right changes color depending on the type of alert emitted: amber for battery, red for events. In the upper portion, housing to insert a SD (Secure Digital), MMC (MultiMediaCard) or SDIO accessories, such as a micro camera.

VPN access provided

In the package included a case and cloth a docking station for simultaneously charging a second battery. The integrated battery of 1000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery can be replaced.

The Pocket PC provides many opportunities mainly for businesses: data encryption (via F-Secure FileCrypto), access to virtual networks (VPN) for wireless connection to the messaging and the company’s network, increased security.

By using the integrated Wi-Fi and wireless connection application for HP iPaq, we had no problem to connect both network protected by key-code of our office as an open network accessible via a terminal area. An integrated program H4150 detects and displays available networks, indicating those that require entering a WEP code. For sending messages and mail, but we preferred the integrated keyboard h4350 rather than the virtual keyboard or recognition of handwriting of H4150. This recognition works relatively well but requires some practice. A folding keyboard is also available as an option.

The Wi-Fi that can manage all wireless needs, this iPaq also has Bluetooth. This allows the wireless synchronization with a PC equipped similarly or access to mail via a compatible mobile phone.

good battery life

The software included with the wizard are many. They include the complete suite of Microsoft applications: Pocket versions of Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Reader, MSN Messenger and Streets. To this, add several specific applications such as HP Bluetooth Manager, a backup utility and restore files, the pitcher iTask Manager programs and even the iPaq Image Zone (viewer while a similar application is also available with the new operating system). It is possible to register in read only memory (ROM) contacts, calendar data and other documents. So if the battery is empty or if the wizard requires a reset preceded by a power off – which is not unusual with Pocket PC – all this information not disappear.

Like the H1940, the H4150 comes with 64 MB of memory (RAM) – although 55 MB are usable – and 32 MB of ROM which lies in particular the new Windows Mobile operating system 2003. Instead Samsung 266 MHz processor of the H1940, the H4150 has a 400 MHz XScale Intel but we have not seen real differences in performance. Games and videos – and even clips obtained on the Internet via Wi-Fi – are displayed smoothly. As a test, we loaded the game of baseball Hexaco and the Windows Mobile edition of Age of Empire and we were pleased with the results.

The sound is good, the transition to version 9.0 of Windows Media Player allows it seems to get a quality improvement. And we certainly appreciated that HP has integrated a standard headphone jack (1/8 inch) which finally allows us to connect any headphones without using a bulky adapter.

The screen is identical to that of H1940. Inside, it is brighter than the e330 and e335 Toshiba and white has less gray. Outside, in a very sunny environment, the text read no problem.

The two wireless modes are disabled, we could watch for three hours and forty minutes, WMV looped video file, we then used the full screen format and standard brightness (midway between the minimum and the maximum). At this point, the H4150 has stopped play media files but the battery still had 13% of its initial charge. Such a result is decent but not commensurate with the six hours and five minutes from the h4350 or six hours and twenty-two minutes from the Dell Axim X5. Obviously, the activation of transmitter and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi receiver brings an earlier depletion of the battery.