HP Envy Spectre XT: test and review

While waiting to offer you our test HP Envy Spectre XT, here are the first impressions of eLaptopComputer Asia.

This is in Shanghai the world’s leading manufacturer has unveiled its portable range of Intel and AMD based. A line up which is based on the ultra lightweight trend driven by Intel ultrabooks.

New flagship of this range of ultrabook, the Spectre XT which succeeds the spectrum presented there are less than 4 months at CES …

V2 spectrum, thinner, cheaper

The HP Envy Spectre first announced at CES 2012 and available since early February advantage of a real glass screen. A slick design or Gorilla Glass coating used on Smartphone protected the 14-inch screen, hood and hand rests. It was beautiful, but also very expensive, almost $ 1,400 for 14 inches below Intel Core i5 ULV and 128GB SSD.

4 months after the release of this spectrum, the manufacturer therefore renews its flagship with a design agreed. Gorilla gives way to a brushed aluminum dress thinner, the Spectre XT advance 14.55 mm to 1.39 mm and 20 kg against 1.8 kg for the first version of Spectre.

A new design meets the specifications most ultrabooks, lightness and finesse while being less expensive. The Spectre XT will be available from 999.99 dollars on 8 June.

Premium services

Good finishes for this Spectre XT symbolizing the high-end ultrabook from HP is likely to compete with the ever-present Apple Mac Book Air, reference in terms of assembly and quality materials. However, eLaptopComputerasia shows somewhat disappointed by design, not at a Mac Book Air or the previous Envy Spectre.

As also found in the standard backlit keyboard is an option on the range Envy Ultrabook. The layout is identical to other recent HP laptops with dedicated function keys for multimedia, the screen brightness and wireless connectivity. Below the screen, the touchpad baptized Imagepad is present and always recognizes up to 3 fingers.

Next to the license (and the audio chip) Beats Audio, the Spectre XT includes four speakers, two under the machine, two on the sides. Despite these speakers, eLaptopComputerasia seems not really impressed with the quality of restitution, at least in the demo units …

Like the Spectre 14 inches, the new Spectre XT will offer customers a free concierge service with dedicated telephone line.

A config Ultrabook

The configuration remains identical to its rivals ultrabook, Intel Ivy Bridge processor (integrated graphics only with Intel HD Graphics 4000) supported by 4 GB of RAM and SSD 128 or 256 GB. The autonomy is announced at 8:00.

The 13.3 inch screen adopts a definition of 1366 x 768 pixels which despite being sufficient for 13 inches is less than the Zenbook from Asus or the Mac Book Air.

Side connections, no sacrifice made on the altar of the finesse, there is an HDMI, an Ethernet port, two USB 3 and a SD card reader.