How to watch the London Olympics?

Via its desktop

First solution to not miss anything of the Olympics: use the computer. It’s convenient and it makes possible the viewing of events both in multi-windows desktop with a PC fixed on holiday with a netbook or ultrabook, provided, however, have sufficient capacity to display images correctly.

This is France Télévisions which will rebroadcast of the London Olympics on the airwaves of France 2, France 3, France 4 and France Ô, and every day from 9:30 am to midnight. Note that France 4 and France Ô broadcast especially football tournament. In parallel, the group will offer all the competitions on 12 channels in line specially created for the event. These channels will be available for free on France TV Sport ( and will be financed by advertising.

The site will also offer simulcast broadcasts 4 channels of the group and will also include up sessions. Finally, note that the four public channels will also be accessible on France TV Pluzz ( that also offer TV replay certain events. France Télévisions has also installed its governance in a typical English bus 70 which will manage 40 cameras on site and 42 international tests signals provided by the organizer. Small thing: the opening ceremony, to be held July 27 at 22h, will be broadcast on TF1 and visible online (and offline) on

Also note that the IOC (International Olympic Committee) broadcast content for the first time on its YouTube channel ( in 64 countries.

On television France Télévisions: the big armada

For those who have a TV available during the holidays, the London Olympics will therefore be visible on all 4 channels TNT France Télévisions group, daily from 9:30 am to midnight. It will obviously put you on English time and your watches back one hour. However, as it will be impossible to follow every day all events in entirety, France Télévisions will be the choice for you and offer every day in the late afternoon, a 52-minute summary of the highlights of the day.

the outsiders

Bein Sport 1 and 2 will also broadcast the trials whose women’s basketball tournaments and male, female and male handball and the entire female and male tennis tournament from 28 July to 10 am.

Recall that the two channels Al Jazeera group are optionally available on Canalsat and cable. Eurosport will also cover the 2012 Olympics on both channels available via CanalSat satellite, ADSL or optical fiber with different operators.

Canal +, which has the broadcast rights, however, will start July 6 events on its channel (18) The chain of Champions in partnership with Trace Sports. On the menu: no course tests, but reports and documentaries about the athletes and disciplines, as well as magazines and news modules on the Olympics presented, among others, Vincent Desagnat and Waly Dia. This channel will be available free to subscribers until August 20, but will not be visible online on the broadcaster LiveTV.

Know that there, in London, 1000 cameras cover different disciplines and offer a total of 5600 hours live for 16 days.

On smartphones and touch tablets

We obviously find on smartphones and tablets the same offers and the same channels as those mentioned above.

Applications have

To follow the opening ceremony is simple: it will have downloaded the MyTF1 application.

For events, several options are possible

Pluzz the application of France Télévisions, which provide access to live broadcasts and certain proofs Replay TV (it will also be available on Samsung Smart TV), the Canaltouch app for Canal + subscribers / Canalsat to access also TF1 well as channels of France Télévisions and Eurosport group and Eurosport 2 (including if the string is not part of your initial subscription)

Eurosport Player application for access to Eurosport and Eurosport 2 broadcasts a subscription of 3.99 euros / month you can of course break at the end of the Olympics.

Note that the London Olympics also have their own application for smartphones (London 2012), but it does not follow the events firsthand. It simply provides a calendar of the various disciplines and practical information for people on the ground.

Pluzz stand out

Note that in terms of image quality and reliability, Pluzz differs from other applications. Primo because fluidity and image sharpness are excellent, second, because it is possible to connect the iPad to a TV to enjoy images on the big screen (via an adapter), which is not allowed with Canaltouch and MyTF1 example.

3D Ultra HD and foreign channels

For the first time, some events will be captured in 3D with OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services) will produce 230 hours of live 3D (using 33 Panasonic 3D cameras), and a summary of daily events, also in 3D.

Panasonic is also the technical partner of the Games and will offer in the Olympic village the large screen projection of certain events in a small 3D theater created especially for the event.

The Olympics in 3D in France on Orange and Eurosport TV

These recordings will be visible in 3D on channel 333 on Orange TV, in partnership with France Télévisions. Internet access to more than 8 mega however, will be compulsory to enjoy it. They will also be shown on Eurosport 3D satellite for those who snap to their dish on Astra 1M 19.2 ° East.

The British will be better served by 3D A hundred hours of programs in 3D (the 100m final Men, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, canoeing) will also be available on Sky 3D and accessible at no additional cost to its UK subscribers. Same for Virgin Media in the UK that will also (via cable) 24 additional channels to track all events from A to Z and ESPN will launch a 3D channel available to DirectTV in some countries in South America .

Proxy power for the strenuous …

The BBC also broadcast the events on BBC One, BBC Three, BBC One HD and BBC HD. Everything will be visible online on the websites of UK broadcaster, but only be accessible to Internet users with an English IP address. It will then go through a proxy to bypass the ban. Finally, note that NHK in collaboration with BBC and OBS will broadcast the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as some events in Ultra HD in screening rooms fitted for the occasion in 6 cities in Britain (London Bradford, Glasgow), Japan and the United States (Washington). Unfortunately no chance to enjoy these signals 4K at home or on the beach.

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