How to transfer large files?

I invite you to use AllPeers. This free plug-in for Firefox 2 allows you to share easily from the browser files of all kinds without limit. Before you can recover your documents, each member must integrate your private peer-to-peer network and therefore install this utility on their machine. AllPeers works both on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is based on the Bittorrent protocol. You shall have no difficulty in using this file-sharing service. Its use is similar also to that of an instant messaging software. To share a document or folder, you slip on and leave them in Firefox, will select a member to your friends list, then click on the Share button. Another alternative: go through online storage service from their ISP – Free (10GB available via FTP) and Nine (Service neug Giga – 9 GB) in particular offer such a space online to subscribers – and transmit, by email, download link.