How reliable operating systems online? – Choice but limitations

We already knew embedded virtual desktops on USB keys. They exist at present as online applications. The idea remains the same: to find the work environment, with its documents and applications from any PC. Their name? Web OS for Web Operating System.

These are to be regarded as a collection of more or less expanded applications together in a single online service. There is no full-fledged operating system, compared with Windows, Linux or Mac OS. You can not install applications online that you want, they are imposed by the publisher of the service. Each account has one or a few gigabytes to store files only. However, such a space enough to host online office documents. File synchronization between the online service and computers, is not routinely offered, that’s a shame. And if that is the case, this requires a software to install on each PC.

The applications supplied with the OS web are generally basic tools (office suite, calendar, etc.) that are not suitable for all uses. And some services, there is no e-mail software or instant messaging, two internet applications used … yet very few publishers integrate their OS web browser to launch a … from a web browser. What destabilize more than one!

These web OS operating in effect inside a browser. Their users are therefore unaffected by incompatibilities, security breaches, scripting errors of all kinds, problems connecting to the service and other crashes their browsers. And an application that runs online does not have all the same rights as application installed on his PC. Not to mention, especially, display delays and execution. However, with them, there is no need to look after the maintenance of its operating system. These simpler virtual desktops to control given the limited number of functions. More importantly, they are freed from the PC and become accessible from any compatible browser.

There is not one, two or three only online web OS. There’s more. Many candidates are vying therefore, they sometimes give the impression to copy each other and sometimes the absolute minimum. Here is a selection of six virtual desktops that we consider satisfactory rather face their competitors.