Handspring Visor Prism: test and review

The housing of the Prism, larger than other Visor, it is well in hand, is unfortunately a bit heavy. But he is very well finished. Like other models in the range, it has an expansion slot Springboard, which allows the integration of memory upgrades, digital camera, MP3 player or a GPS module (Global Positioning System).

The operating system is a version of the latest Palm OS, the 3.5.2h, manager of the Springboard module. We regret that it can not be updated later. The memory of 8 MB, the current standard for this type of products, widely shown sufficient for current use.

The display despite its visible grid, appears very bright. It supports 65,000 colors theoretically, but in practice they are not yet used by the provided software. bases Applications are 256 color levels in the best case, except for the World Clock, whose usefulness is somewhat limited. To truly realize the performance of the screen, use an application like HandSpring Photo Album (download from the website) to view pictures.

Not so fast it

The second disappointment is the velocity of the machine: after the publicity surrounding its processor to 33 Mhz, it was expected a real difference compared to other Palm. But it is not felt in everyday use, color significantly increases the system and Prism does not reveal is faster than a Palm Vx to display 500 contacts in the address book.

Even games do not allow you to enjoy the screen and speed. The game version ZAP2000 65,000 colors is much more beautiful than the version in 256 colors, but also slower than the conventional monochrome version.

Besides the six hours announced autonomy will not resist the games, so they are easily reached under normal use, calendar and address book.

The Prism is definitely the best moment of the Palm, but without offering exceptional performance. Maisil is also much more expensive than its direct competitor, the Palm IIIc.

Price: 4500 F tax (686 euros)