Hachette Wine Guide 2001 for Palm: test and review

This multimedia software exists on the PC in recent years. The version for Palm was long awaited, which is expected to consult this buying guide in the wine merchant or producer.

Palm have operated by a base of more than 60,000 wines reports to a feat that requires besides nearly 1 MB of available memory. Therefore interest to Palm owners with 8 MB of memory, or fans can sacrifice other applications for it.

The guide is available in two versions, one Palm or Palm and PC. The interface is (too) simplified. The black and white display could have used shades of gray offered by the Palm screen. You can do a search on the type of wine, on its region and the number of stars assigned to it. Another search mode offers a combination of wine in a determined course. Thus, to accompany a grilled veal chop, appear different wines by region and then by name.

For each selected wine, an ID card is obtained, the price, the production region, the coordinates of its producer. It is even possible to program very simply a visit to the producer in the diary function.

Price of Palm Version: 249 F tax (37 euros)