GoType Pro Landware: test and review

Rather impressive – it is the volume of three Palm! – The keyboard GoType not housed in a pocket. It takes at least a briefcase or bag to win. But what might seem like a major fault is in fact the consideration of a technical choice.

With its large size, this keyboard, which exists only release Qwerty offers a striking surface similar to that of a computer keyboard. It is easy to adapt, although the keys are a little too soft and not clicking well under the fingers, but the striking quality remains satisfactory.

In addition, the rigidity of the assembly allows use even in places that do not have a flat surface: train, airport … Palm sits on a hinged bracket that serves as protective cover keyboard . The personal assistant is not fixed but must be turned completely the keyboard to drop, the downside risks are very limited.

6 function keys

The driver software emulates the digital assistant buttons from the keyboard with six function keys, which is handy to access programs without juggle between keyboard and stylus.

These keys are also programmable on 3 levels: direct access key and Shift + Alt + key. So these are 18 applications or functions (OK button for example) that are accessed directly through the buttons.

Lefties have not been forgotten: the supports for the pen are available on each side of the keyboard.

A travel docking station

The GoType exist for Palm III series or Series V. The latest version includes a series GoType Pro jack enables connection to PC for data synchronization, but also a socket for the battery charger for Palm: Palm V, Vx, IIIc . It can thus act as travel dock.

Complete in every detail, the GoType is the ideal solution for those who write a lot but do not want to carry a laptop.