Google returns about 10 myths about Google Glass

In a strange post published on Google +, Google provides a top 10 of the most commonly heard myths about Google Glass. Of espionage permanent facial recognition, Google breaks one by one and trying to reassure the public.

These 10 points (text in English) can also seem the obvious publicly warned a minimum. Google begins by recalling that the screen related to the glasses do not completely cover the eye or eyes. This is just a small display located slightly above a window pane, which is off by default and is lit at the request of its owner. This allows Google to break several myths, including one that says these glasses would cut off the user from the real world and especially the one that says that the glasses work permanently. Google insists on this point, not only the glasses can not spy on people constantly – the battery is too small to film over 45 minutes – but in most all applications related to face recognition or the taking of Images are especially supervised by engineers from Google Glass. Last notable point on the issue of espionage, this top 10 rightly states that Glass is sufficiently large and recognizable to not make its owner a budding James Bond.

The other points raised by the top 10 are more financial and practical levels. No, according to Google, these glasses are not reserved to wealthy geeks, but to people who really need them. Are quoted in bulk, doctors, teachers, firefighters or journalists. According to the author of the note, these professions do not want to cut both the world through technological spectacles that make life easier. And even these glasses cost $ 1500, Google considers the price may not be cheap but affordable in any case for the majority of people who are interested or want absolutely.

In short, what we must remember is that Google thinks its connected glasses are victims of the same prejudices faced by all new technological objects that disrupt people’s lives. For Google, see Google Glass in an object that will put an end to any hint of privacy is a myth that will break itself over time. The guardrails are present, a charter of good conduct for users was even sent to the first users of his glasses, short not to worry as the company of Mountain View. It really is not clear in any case that this post entirely reassured those who had fears about the future of individual privacy …