Google Play Services 7.8: APIs to read barcodes

The new version of Google Play Services, bringing the version number 7.8, includes several new features, starting with an API dedicated to recognizing barcodes.

Google Play Services in the version 7.8 were made on August 14, bringing with them some new to the attention of developers who can integrate their applications. We find among them the “Nearby Messages”, a cross-platform API for mobile devices and beacons to communicate when they are nearby, by a combination of WiFi or Bluetooth, but also improved Google Cloud Messaging . Third novelty, and perhaps the most notable: a new API Mobile Vision.

This API has two parts The first, called Face API, is dedicated to recognizing faces in photographs and videos. Second, it takes the name of Barcode API. It thus relates to detecting barcodes within third-party applications. These can be of 1D and 2D types, each harboring several alternatives, in the image of QR codes in particular, for a total of twelve different codes capable of being recognized. Google indicates that the API allows reading bar codes in any orientation, and works locally, that is to say without using external servers, and so quickly. All this for what? Why not, eventually, to offer Google Now recommendations for items you frequently buy in shops that offer them at the lowest price …