Google Play Music: What if your favorite music is not available?

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Google Play Music offers a catalog result of over 30 million titles. It unfortunately can not be exhaustive, requiring you to tweak if you want to listen to that little Peruvian group presented by your hipster cousin or this album neo-dark-heavy-medieval-symphonic-metal trash-recorded in a cellar by friends. What if your favorite songs are not on Google Play Music?

For several years, the music streaming service multiplied (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Qobuz, Google Play Music / Music …) and offer each million shares for prices more or less similar. However, it is impossible to be exhaustive, especially as some artists flatly refuse their works to be present on this type of platform. This is the case for example of Bob Seger, Tool, Rammstein or Taylor Swift. The mix and remix, and securities available for free by their authors are also very difficult to find. Fortunately, Google offers alternative.

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Ask Google

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, it is possible that your favorite song does not appear on Google Play music simply because the Mountain View company and the artist did not come in contact. Also, on request, Google can try to add your musical heart stroke of the moment in its catalog. To do this, simply go to the official support page of the service and fill out the appropriate form at the bottom of page.

But the waiting time is not specified and it may be that you have to wait a while before you can finally enjoy your favorite music on Google Play Music.

Import your music

If you want a faster solution, Google Play Music allows you to import titles. For that, just click on the “Import my music” streaming service and drag and drop entire folders or music files in MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, OGG or ALAC. Anyway, the file will be converted to MP3 at a rate identical, either 320 Kbits / s.

Those who want to automate the line of their music, the Music Manager application allows you to select a local folder on your hard drive and send in the clouds all the music that will be added there in the future to be able to access from all your devices.

Caution for the biggest audiophiles who have a particularly significant music library, it is possible to import “only” 50,000 titles. If this should be more than enough for many users, the limit is always good to keep in the back of his head.