Google Music All Access: test and review

Google Music all access is a new unlimited subscription part of Google Music. Before, the service simply allowed “upload” their songs to Google Music or buy the unit. All Access is a paid plan, but it also lets you listen to streaming music that you do not have, just as with Pandora or Spotify. A radio mode and some other features complete the set.

Presented at the Google I / O conference, All Access can be used of course, on a smartphone, but also on a computer. Regarding the price, the monthly subscription costs $ 9.99 per month, but there are 30 day trial. Furthermore, if you subscribe before June 30, the rate will be 7.99 dollars per month. What sets Google’s service in the same price range as Pandora or Spotify, however, the radio function can not be used in the free version.

Some old features of Google Music were nevertheless preserved as arranging objects, Listen Now, the library, and of course the playlists you’ve created. In radio mode, you can create new stations based on artists you like or enjoy. New things have been implemented, such as the ability to view the next song, a simple finger swipe on the screen or, more typically, by pressing a button and see what is in the queue. If you do not like one of those pieces, you can pop out of the screen to get rid of.

Explore function

And because Google would not be Google, All Music, moved, like the other services presented at the Google I / O as a degree of customization, with the function called “Explore”, there are recommended radios, of highlighted, news, recommendations for you based on what you listen to. It is adaptive, so the more you listen, the better it will be.

There is also a classification by genre, which are sorted by Google. In the “Features” section we find the most read albums and songs. In the recommendations, you will find twenty albums which you are advised. On the albums, you will find a pin, on which you can press to keep music in a corner and listen later. You can save the waiting list, the playlist will be saved and you can find it from the menu.

In the end, this application pretty borrows Android 4.0 at the buttons or how to navigate, making it pleasant to use. Google Music All Access is not free, but if you already use Google Music and you are interested in a service that offers a subscription, you should look there. It seems to be very clean and the catalog promises to be quite broad.