Google Earth 4.2: Test and Review

Google Earth already allowed to fly over the Earth without leaving his seat. The software now offers a walk in the universe. Just choose the “Switch to Sky mode” option in the program to switch to the Earth surface in space. According to Google, nearly 100 million stars and 200 million galaxies are referenced there.

Those familiar with Google Earth find it without problems. The interface, simple as can be, is the same as you were flying over your neighborhood or eque are exploring the sky. We find the navigation controller at the top right of the screen, which allows to move in any direction, but also to zoom in and backwards. To move or zoom in on an image, you can also use the mouse.

You can also enter the name of a planet or a galaxy in its search engine and Google Earth you there. During your walks, you will not only contemplate the sky maps. You will discover for example a hundred photographs taken by the Hubble telescope. As galaxies, black holes and other nebulae. You’ll also find encyclopedia articles. You can even admire the movement of planets. The animations are unrealistic.

Flight Simulator bonus

Besides, Google Earth allows contemplate the Moon or Mars with as much precision and realism than Earth. No other planet has a replica in 3D as realistic and detailed. Once back down to Earth, Google provides access to satellite photos, dating from 1 to 3 years, sometimes with such precision that you can see the silhouette of passersby. 3D effects and many mountainous regions, such as Mont Blanc, are surprising. Google Earth also provides access to Earth to multimedia information superimposed cards such as tours, articles, photographs, historical maps … The search by street, route calculation and research of shops and services nearby, are proposed in some countries like Germany, the US and France, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In the end, Google Earth is really a separate software, both useful and fun. As a bonus, a flight simulator allows to circumnavigate the globe in command of 2 planes. nevertheless we reproach him for not offering such detailed views

the entire surface of the globe and offer a view of the most realistic space.

Download the free version of Google Earth 4.2 for Windows