Google Desktop 5: Test and Review

free, Google Desktop weighs only 1.93 MB, installs quickly and easily on any Windows Vista, XP or 2000. The Mac version is still pending. After installing the program, a sidebar appears right by default. It groups the search window, and various “gadgets” Google positionable in the desired order on the same column or anywhere on the desktop: Tasks applications to perform, Notepad, Weather, Photos (slideshow of images in a specific folder on the computer or from an online site), news and Web Clips. The items displayed in the windows of these two latest gadgets are personalized, so selected based on user research subjects. This recalls the “classic” method Google: display ads related to keywords or query its Web searches or the content of messages of its Gmail box.

fast search

The search for a file in the entire hard drive is easily achieved. The file types are diverse images, Word and other text files, PowerPoint, Outlook, Zip, PDF, web history, chat … Just enter a text string. In most cases, during the test, Google Desktop found the required file very quickly, sometimes just a few seconds after recording. But at other times, it took more than 10 minutes after changing and saving a text file. It was also noted that queries on number patterns (eg “1:17 p.m.”) gave wacky results. To operate, Google Desktop, as with the web runs through the extended hard drive by recording the files found in its index. The latter, recorded in the computer, is updated regularly. The search results may be present on a browser page. PrĂ©visualisent thumbnail photo or video files. Versions page cache gives the different versions of the same document (eg a long text written and recorded several times). History function and even sets the creation dates of the files in the computer. Thus, one can view all documents created such a day and such month.

Search on a PC from another PC can

And finally, among the many configuration options available, there is for example the possibility of extending the research to its Gmail, exclude certain file indexing, not to index the deleted files, to add gadgets but above all the ability to recover the contents of his computer or his tasks and notes from any other online machine. To do so, the program exports the index to a Google server. It is there that can pose security problems for companies and issues of respect for private life. Although, from what he says, “Google or other persons or companies can access the contents of your computer without your explicit permission. “On one hand Google explains that” if you frequently perform searches on movie releases, Google Desktop automatically recommends adding a gadget related movies on your desktop “and the other he tries to reassure noting that “this information does not allow us to identify you, we aim only to improve Google Desktop to provide you with relevant information as possible. “As usual with Google Apps, we are convinced by the efficiency and the power of Google Desktop, but reluctant to grant full trust, especially because it is the private contents of his computer.

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