Gmail for Android 2.3.5: sync and selective notifications

Concentrate on the important emails

“Gmail 2.3.5 for Android” now allows to fine tune the timing and notifications independently for each type of email or each label.

The wording “Important”, containing exclusively emails that Gmail considers important, and appeared in the sync options. This allows for example to stop the synchronization of “Inbox” to not automatically receive your important emails, provided of course that the Gmail algorithm has correctly identified your priorities. What preserve its battery and its download quota.

Notifications wording also allow you to choose ringtone, vibration alert and the first or each new email, for each of the labels. One can for example choose to stick to a vibration for emails from the inbox, with large numbers of newsletters, but add a ringtone and notification for each new email to those of the wording ‘Important’ or to any label, provided that it is synchronized.