Gateway Performance 2000XL Digital Media: test and review

Any computer we can afford with approximately 20,000 francs? Gateway has a ready answer found: the new Performance 2000XL Digital Media. This is a PC built around a Pentium 4 2 GHz, with 256 MB of Ram, excellent graphics, a hard disk of 80 GB and a flat screen 15 inches.

The 2000XL performance deserves its name. In all areas, be it desktop applications, content creation, 3D graphics or video encoding MPeg, it was very effective. It differs from the other PC of the same type by its monitor, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with a diagonal of 15 inches (about 39 cm). Better yet, this LCD displays as well as the graphics DVD movies. The record was nearly perfect when we watched video footage shot under normal lighting conditions. However, the limited brightness adjustments do not correct the low-light images. Although it can be used in digital or analog environments, the graphics card does not have a DVI (Digital Video Interface).

Audio is supported by four speakers barely ├ępaissses a waffle. With subwoofer, this system creates a virtual presence to six channels to simulate a true Dolby Digital 5.1. The sound reproduction proves excellent with music CDs or DVD movies. The presence of a front FireWire port with hard drive 7200 rev / min 80 GB Performance 2000XL are an ideal platform for making video montages.

The 2000XL performance is very comprehensive as it is, but if you want to add something, you have a free PCI slot and three 3.5-inch bays, two internal. No need tools also, unless you want to remove the motherboard. Anyway, unless you want to improve your equipment, you will probably never need to open the hood.

We wished that this computer has a DVI port for monitor and a digital audio jack on your sound card. If we regret these shortcomings, relatively minor, impossible to argue that the Gateway Performance 2000XL does not offer a great value.

Bill O’Brien, ZDNet USA – Translation Evocati