Gamification: when work becomes play

This is the trend in the United States. The publishers of the most serious transform software applications, up perfectly boring game in Lens. Keep the attention of users and improve employee productivity.

Place a young employee before the SAP R3 user interface or a business package developed in the early 2000. A baby boomer Generation X, a younger employee, Generation Y or “Millennial” will have reactions different face austerity of this type of program.

This spectrum of obsolete IT tools scares HRD especially aware of the risk of the best profiles sulk their business to the benefit of start-ups and young companies, whose mode of operation corresponds better to the state of spirit of the new generations.

Besides the provision of interfaces rejuvenated shots Modern UI or material design, mobile versions of tablet and smartphone, publishers rethink their applications to make work less difficult, with less esoteric ergonomics. They will also make them more attractive process for employees by transforming them tasks to perform in.

The approach, called “gamification,” which was previously used in training or in marketing, in the form of serious games, now comes in packages such as CRM (for customer relationship management), ERP ( ERP projects and resources). Motivation business, increased collaboration between employees, maintenance of competitive spirit and business managers, this is a new generation of enterprise applications that appears.