function INDEX

The VLOOKUP function has a major drawback: you can see a result only values ​​that are the right of the analyzed column. Do I need a value independent of the column, one must have recourse to the INDEX function. Just such a formula must apply Müller, he wants to see at a glance the name of the winner. The names of the participants are over on the left of the points.

INDEX requires three parameters; * the field with the values ​​of the result (name in column B); * The formula whose result will determine from which line the value is;. * The column, referred to by the formula.

The whole thing must be thought of as a sort of crosshair so. The desired value (the name of the winner) is in column B, the range for the formula is therefore B2: B12. To determine the correct line, we again need the highest value in column E. For this we use the MAX function: MAX (E2: E12). The MATCH function returns the INDEX function, information on the searched row. The right column, find the highest value in the INDEX, is E, consequently, the third parameter E2: E12. advertised finished, the formula = INDEX (B2: B12, MATCH (MAX (E2: E12), E2: E12)).

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