Fujifilm X10: test and review

Here the digital compact camera Fujifilm X10 proposed. This device has a retro frame Aspherical Lens Fujinon lens with 4x optical zoom equivalent to 28-112 mm in 35 mm and taking your pictures on EXR-CMOS sensor 12 million pixels.

It is also equipped with a 2.8 inch LCD display 7.1 cm around 460 000 points. The X10 is also equipped with an optical viewfinder with a coverage of 85%. A dial next to the viewfinder allows a diopter ranging from -3.5 to +1.5 that eyeglass wearers can see correctly in the viewfinder.

Several adjustment knobs distributed on the unit allow you to control various parameters for adjusting your images and select your shooting mode. In low light situations, the flash can troubleshoot this. If this one is not enough, the accessory shoe allows you to use a different, more powerful. The Fujifilm X10 also allows shooting in full HD 1080p with stereo sound.

Your files can be saved on an SD card, SDHC or SDXC. Side connections you have a micro USB port being equally office audio output / video and a mini HDMI port to connect to your TV. The introductory price of the digital compact camera Fujifilm X10 proposed is 529 euros.