Freebox mini 4K 1.1.0: the late crashes?

Free issued tonight the first major update to the mini system Freebox 4K, which goes directly from version 1.0.2 to 1.1.0, and puts an end to crashes.

The Freebox mini 4K 1.1.0 firmware brings no new features, at least not nearly, but this maintenance update is very welcome. It actually promises to fill key gaps Android decoder TV Free, launched with great fanfare, but obviously premature, since he was so far very unstable.

The release notes published on the blog dedicated to updates Freebox listent two dozen fixes for about thirty tickets. We learn that the update should end most crashes that users were frequently faced so far. Various shortcomings were also addressed, especially with audio / video outputs, the TV reception or records.

The complete list is available at this address.

We explained earlier that the Android TV platform would perform updates without rebooting by deliberately triggering from Settings> About> Update System. This time it is nevertheless necessary. But conversely, Free allows users to defer the upgrade process during the restart, to avoid missing a live TV program.

The simplest solution is to disconnect the power supply and reconnect it.

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