Free: calls included to Algeria now limited to 10 am

Free set yesterday a small update of its Internet access services: calls to Algeria move from unlimited to 10 hours per month.

The ISP division of Free has released a new tariff brochure and new general conditions of sale (GTC) dated 26 December 2013, as spotted Freenews website. Essentially they put an end to unlimited calls to Algeria, proposed in April 2011.

For new subscribers, calls to landlines in Algeria are now limited to 10 hours / month, they are included at no extra cost to the Freebox Revolution and Freebox offers Crystal non-unbundled areas, or are subscribed to optional 2.99 euros / month with the Freebox Crystal in unbundled areas. Beyond 10 hours the calls are billed at the same price when they are not included, that is to say, 19 cents per minute.

Existing recipients in turn can decide not to accept the new terms of sale, to continue to receive unlimited calls.