Free Announces Crystal Freebox, to succeed the Freebox HD

Free Tuesday launched a new triple play box, called Freebox Crystal. Successor to the current Freebox HD (v5), the newcomer adopts a new design. It also sees a remote control as well as a redesigned TV interface.

If the spearhead of the residential offer of Free is always played by the Freebox Revolution, the operator does not forget its entry level and subscribers in non-unbundled areas with the announcement Tuesday morning, a Crystal new Freebox, available now. This new pair of housings (router on one side, the other TV) adopt a uniform white design, slightly transparent, and comes with a remote control and a TV Revised interface.

End of course therefore for the aging Freebox HD, who is now replaced by the Freebox Crystal, built in a new red and white packaging. The Freebox kit always consists of two main boxes, now numbered 1 (Gateway) and 2 (TV decoder) accompanying their cables, a remote control for TV and two Powerline adapters (Freeplugs). If one believes the general information sheet of the offer, the box is limited to ADSL2 +, unlike the Revolution which is indicated as compatible with VDSL2 recently announced by the operator. Crystal finally embeds a 802.11n WiFi controller and is likely to be equipped with a hard drive whose capacity has not yet been specified, however.

“New subscribers can benefit from this box today. The price of the Freebox package remains unchanged: 29,99 € / month in unbundled areas and € 35.98 / month in non-unbundled areas, “said the operator in a statement. TV, with a first package of 185 channels, is still available as an option, to 1.99 euro per month, and we find the range of options with the Freebox HD (Multi-TV, phone to mobile etc. ) at unchanged prices.