France Digital: a lobby to promote digital startups

A new lobby will be heard in France the voice actors from the digital economy. The association France Digitale, inaugurated on Monday in the presence of Fleur Pellerin, meets startups, entrepreneurs and investors who all argue for a framework for the development of their ecosystem.

The association gave France Digitale Monday morning the official start of its activities during a launching ceremony inaugurated by Fleur Pellerin, Delegate Minister for Small and Medium Business, Innovation and the Digital Economy . The new lobby, which is defined as “the Joint Association of startups and venture capital for the development of the ecosystem of digital innovation,” intends weigh at national level so that develops a favorable environment for development the actors of the “digital”.

For its founding members, the great strength of this new lobby holding the meeting of entrepreneurs and investors represented at 50/50 in the Office of the assocation. Organized in working committees, and he wants to be able to consider both incentives to growth and employment as mechanical economic development, ranging from the creation of a company, why not, its IPO.