Forfone: 500 minutes of free calls from abroad!

As this website users Calls exclusive 500 minutes from vacation.

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When dialed with the smartphone abroad quickly fall to exorbitant fees. With the app from Forfone It’s much cheaper. The trick: Once the calls abroad run over wireless – about the hotel, a café or public WLAN hotspot – you incur exclusively with this website no additional costs. It’s easy: All you need for this is the smartphone app of Forfone (for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8), with which you make calls and SMS and send pictures. After installation, registration, and redeeming the bonus code “this website” you get 400 free minutes for calls to German landlines and another 100 free minutes for calls to the German mobile networks.

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To back up the 500 minutes

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free calls from abroad

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Use Forfone already? No problem, every this website users can redeem the codes for the exclusive free minutes to 30 September, 2013. Then you have 30 days time abzutelefonieren the free minutes – worldwide! Incidentally, phone calls and SMS with other Forfone users are on the app free always. Enjoy an extended vacation in 2013 without price shock on expensive phone calls. How do you secure the 500 free minutes in just a few steps per voucher, refer to the above picture gallery.

What should I do?

Redeeming the voucher up to: 30 September 2013

Voucher: A voucher per person, can not be combined with any other coupon, a cash payment is not possible.

Bonus after activation is valid for 30 days.

Registration: No. Forfone used only your mobile number as an identifier.

No contract, no minimum fee, no monthly fee.

Advertisements Forfone is ad-free.

Termination: Not necessary, the credit expires after 30 days and is not automatically renewed.

What else should I know?

Forfone is a smartphone app which allows free VoIP calls and SMS. This requires a WLAN, UMTS or LTE connection to the smartphone. Outside of WLANs therefore you need an Internet flat rate.

Who uses the Forfone app is a no contract, there is no minimum sales still basic fee.

You can charge more credits, such as for calls from Germany to other countries. Click this in the app easy to “Airtime”. Calls from Germany abroad cost from 1.9 cents per minute. Pro SMS nine cents are due world. The current rates can be found here.

The 500 free minutes are to redeem the bonus code “this website” valid for 30 days. Do not miss a price hammer!

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