Forced Update: Microsoft compensated US Licensees

Who are not careful, Windows 10 gets missed – and not everyone wants that.

G eschenkt is apparently still too expensive. In the US, Microsoft compensates its first Licensees who had complained in court about the forced update to Windows 10th The Seattle Times reports that the software giant was initially indeed gone to appeal, had then however reached a settlement with the other side on a payment of $ 10,000. According to the applicant, the update made the computer unusable for several days and was defective. On the part of Microsoft states that the payment is not an admission of guilt, but should prevent only a second trial. But perhaps the group has thus brought a heavy ball rolling.

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Windows 10: lawsuits piling up

The upgrade mechanism of Windows 10 many users are extremely unhappy. Not for nothing are tips on how to permanently prevents the installation to the most popular articles on the new system – apart from testing. The accusation of forced installation is in social media, the term “update Gate” known – and also ensures other users sometimes for big problems. Last cooked on Reddit, the contribution of animal welfare Organistation in Central Africa high, where the move to Windows 10 for system failures, high costs and the loss of contact with the rangers in the park provided. Since it seems almost to be “lucky” that the free distribution of Windows 10 on 29 July and ends no repetition of cases as quickly.

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