For Facebook, if you write lol, you has-been

In an article entitled “The not so universal language of laughter,” Facebook had fun analyzing how users express what is reputed to be the essence of Man. And “lol” does not really popular.

The “lol” for “laughing out loud” would have lived. That at least is the conclusion drawn from a study Facebook by the social networking giant and published on his blog on August 6.

Udi Weinsberg, Lada Adamic and Mike Develin did some SQL queries and produced results that will not make everyone laugh, and especially those who continue to punctuate some of their conversations with the now obsolete “lol”.

As shown in this study, “haha”, the “hehe” and even emoji have largely supplanted the “lol” to express laughter, it weighs even more than 2% in Facebook conversations.

Still using this expression from another time? Not only can go for a has-been, but if you are immediately cataloged in the category of “old”, since, on average, users of the “lol” are older than those who use other means of expressing laughter.

And study of drive the nail in the coffin of the “lol”, which has no own variation to express a more or less pronounced laugh, unlike “hehe”, the “haha” and especially the emoji. Turning the page, and Sophie Marceau is probably laugh yellow today.

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