Food Origami Paper-Meal-Videos

Where this pasta from not delicious? But beware: Instead heartburn lurks possibly a painful “Paper Cut”.

S ogenannte Food Videos – ie short films, is where cooking – are a huge trend in the social networks. This has also recognized the Australian animation studio Yell Design. With real food that can but everyone, so they make their cooking videos lovingly made of paper and call them “Paper-Meal” (paper-meal). However, the concept is not new – fun spectating anyway!

Penne meatballs

PAPERMEAL 1 – Penne Meatballs from yelldesign on Vimeo.

Weeks of work that goes

The production of a video usually lasts about three weeks, reports “Yell Design” the online magazine Mashable. spend six hours they in each case with the inclusion of markers – for example, in the video for “Fish & Chips” and “Banana Split”. But exceptions prove the rule known: For the completion of the first video “Penne meatballs” required the studio six weeks.

Fish & Chips

PAPERMEAL 4 – Fish & Chips from yelldesign on Vimeo.

A good menu of course includes dessert. The coming out of a machine which – how could it be otherwise – is also made of paper or cardboard.

banana split

PAPERMEAL 5 – Banana Split from yelldesign on Vimeo.

You now feel like origami or even hungry? More videos of the studio can be found on the website of Yell Design and Vimeo. And great recipes for edible dishes are available at eKitchen.

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