Firefox Add-on: Cocoon for safe browsing

Cocoon for the Firefox browser intercepts viruses and encrypts your passwords.

C ocoon is an add-on for Firefox. It protects your PC against virus attacks, whilst ensuring privacy while surfing the Internet. After installing the software and registration Cocoon all page requests pass through a security server. The service checks all information received, before it forwards the data to your computer. In this way, Cocoon can advance to filter malicious software or encrypt sensitive data such as passwords.

Another advantage of the server: Your personal data will remain hidden from third parties. Typically, the computer automatically creates a profile over the visited websites in a directory. Some companies to this list unnoticed in the background, in order to sell the intercepted information to advertisers. Again creates the page request via Cocoon Remedy: The security server does not pass data. (Dd)

┬╗Download: Download Cocoon link