Facebook: timber merchant wants announcements agen 50 percent

P aul Ceglia refers to an agreement of 2003, in which Zuckerberg had promised him half of the site “The Facebook”, as well as one further percentage for each day of delay if the page will not ready for 1 January 2004. Facebook has e-mails as well as the contract back as forgery, reports the IT blog “Business Insider”.

According to the timber merchant Zuckerberg got $ 2,000 for the development of The Facebook. Ceglia feels betrayed because of Facebook CEO alleged that the page was unsuccessful and he wanted to make it tight – while he negotiated with venture investors a strong capital injection.

Ceglia filed last summer a lawsuit and now engages again with more material and a new law firm to. However, he fell at the meantime into the twilight after US media accused him of its customers, although collected money, but have not delivered the goods. (Dpa / rs)