Facebook: Messenger soon with advertising?

800 million users, the Facebook Messenger – all potential recipients of advertising in the chat app?

F acebook plans to also switch its Messenger app advertising soon. This emerges from a secret document that exists Techcrunch. Already from the second quarter 2016 it could go with displays on the Facebook Messenger. In newsfeed of the social network has been around for more advertisements. Now Facebook is trying obviously to earn with advertisements in Messenger money. However, not each of more than 800 million user receives.

WhatsApp & Co .: Messenger apps in Test

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Ads only to chat partner

In order to benefit as many partners from the new advertising market, Facebook gives its corporate clients ever appropriate advice. For advertisements in Messenger receive only those users who have previously voluntarily started with the company a chat. That’s why Facebook advises its advertisers in the leaked document, attract Messenger users already do so. This means: Who does not want to Commercial Messenger, should chat only with individuals. In Germany, the number of companies that can be accessed via Facebook message, rather low. Some have a customer-Chat in the social network, for example, DHL package. In the US, Facebook has announced in 2015 that online shops can offer more customer service in the social network.

No spam in Facebook Messenger

Facebook might as couple playing out ads well to which companies the Messenger user has geliked on Facebook. After all, should the chat advertising so do not go through the roof and spam should not apply. However, the new feature is contrary to what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said shortly after the purchase of WhatsApp on messenger: “Personally, I think ads are not the right way to monetize Messenger,” Zuckerberg told the beginning of 2014 some analysts ,