Facebook: 360-degree photographs in News Feed

In addition to 360-degree videos look soon be all-in Photos Facebook newsfeed.

I m September 2015 led Facebook already 360 degree videos. And only in things past month turned the social network before its 360-degree camera surround 360, which is intended to increase the amount of corresponding video in the page. For all-round clips are all the rage and Facebook wants to expand its content to the effect. Now already comes the next step: According to media reports, the platform wants to expand its newsfeeds already in the coming weeks for all-round photos.

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Simple all-images

This is similar to simply function as in the videos. To view the 360-degree content you change the perspective on the computer using the cursor and on your smartphone through the swipe across the display. The application should be accessible via both Facebook’s mobile app and on the Web interface. Whether the panoramic photos are uploadable by the mobile website is still unclear.

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360 degrees with VR goggles

The new image function should also be compatible with the virtual reality glasses Oculus. Only in 2014 bought the Facebook developer of the glasses on. Since then, the platform tinkers increased of content that are related to virtual reality. So will the network of Oculus app to add new photo section, so that users can experience the images with panoramic views also by VR goggles. With this you control the Viewpoint Photos even head movement.