Google hosts a real calculator on background processing

Google took last night of an update of its new search algorithm to deploy a new feature: an interface for the calculator function of the search box. The contribution is insignificant but it reflects a major trend.

One can enter long been a calculation in the search field of Google and get the result after validating, you can even draw graphs. But if simple calculations such as additions or multiplications were obvious, it otherwise functions like square root, pi or sinuses. Google now displays a scientific calculator with 35 buttons, similar to that of Windows.

Google also shows a mobile interface 20 buttons this time more suitable to use the finger.

In both cases this novelty fits into a trend, initiated by Google Now on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: the Google search box not only is used to find content from the Internet, but to meet all kinds of questions, with answers contextualized according to many objective criteria (location of the user) but also subjective (habits and history).

In the same vein, the search engine knows recently respond to requests like “weather” or “time”, the US initially.

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Freebox mini 4K: subscription, Migration, Multi-TV’s recap …

Xavier Niel has kept his word: Free opened orders for the Freebox mini 4K right after you presented last week. At the end of the second week, all subscription scenarios are operational, the opportunity to take stock.

In less than a week and a half, has made mini Free Freebox 4K accessible to all: as new subscribers to all its customers.

An additional way to shine against his only rival in the segment of Android decoders and triple play less than 30 euros, Bouygues Telecom Bbox Miami which will be accessible to almost all in a few days, two months after launch to existing customers.

However we must not confuse order and pre-order. Or if Free was quickly honored the earliest commands, he warns that “due to the success of the Freebox mini 4K delivery can [now] be several weeks.”


new subscribers

Start new equipment and improve the attractiveness of a first price offer is the best way to attract new customers, it is no surprise that these Free serves first, both in terms of opening orders than shipments.

Subscriptions are open from the day of the presentation, and the first deliveries took place last week.

Cost: 19 euros for shipping and 29.99 Euros / month

Clients Freebox v5 Freebox Crystal and Alicebox

The Freebox mini 4K succeeds to return to the Freebox Crystal, which itself succeeded the Freebox v5 (she was only aesthetic update). The beneficiaries of these deals can order the upgrade since March 13.

It may seem obvious, but ISPs do not always offer the exchange of material, equivalent to supply and therefore at constant prices. And SFR did not allow its FTTH customers to move from the NB6 NB6v, which allows full use of the fiber 1 Gb / s, and Bouygues Telecom does not allow its FTTH customers in the first hour to pass 400 Mb / s to 1 Gb / s, although they are all eligible. It must be said that these are situations that concern only a few thousand customers, ISPs are justified by the high cost of developing a migration procedure.

Free invoice besides migration costs 50 euros plus shipping, but it offers the well, and it even delivers its customers without delay. The new equipment is shipped by Chronopost relay points and handed to the customer in exchange for his previous equipment (with all accessories).

The Alicebox customers are also affected since the beginning of the second week, according to the website specialized Busyspider, under the same conditions as the Freebox customers.

Cost: 69 euros fee and 29.99 Euros / month

Clients Freebox Revolution

Even more commendable since Tuesday Free enables customers to downgrade, that is to say to go to the Freebox Revolution offer the Freebox mini 4K.

However, the ISP does not fail to list its customers the benefits they will lose in from 37.97 to 29.99 euro / month, saving about 8 euros / month they will make their Freeplug PLC adapters, the housing Server no longer includes mini hard disk and the housing Player mini 4K over Blu-ray player, and calls to mobiles are no longer included.

According to the website TooSurToo, which compiles statistics for deliveries on the basis of statements of freenautes, it is no surprise that these commands Free is the less eager to honor.

The terms and fees are the same as for migrating from a Crystal Freebox.

Read about it: Freebox mini 4K: 7 things it does better than the Freebox Revolution

Note that Free does not propose to replace only the v6 Player by Player mini 4K and keep the Revolution offer, unlike SFR that can replace the decoder Evolution by Google decoder for the few days that he still sells .

Cost: 69 euros fee and 29.99 Euros / month


Actually the mini Player 4K is only offered to the Freebox Revolution subscribers, but in addition to the Player v6, under the Multi-TV service. The device is here provided with a PLC adapter Freeplug in the continuity of the supply service level. Also this time the package is sent home for 19 euros, and the service is charged 1.99 euros / month, against 4.99 euros / month for Lite v5 decoder (without hard drive) and 9.99 euros / month for Player v6.

Multi-TV service is offered to the beneficiaries of the Freebox mini 4K immediately after the migration request for former subscribers, or with a delay of a few days for new. Delivery and rental fees are the same as the Freebox Revolution offer, even if no PLC adapter is provided.

Finally Freebox v5 customers and Crystal Freebox v5 only access existing Lite decoders and v5, with or without hard disk, or 4.99 to 9.99 € / month. Presumably the mini Player 4K depends mini Server or Server v6 (technically identical), at least for direct control (timeshift) and for recordings.

Read about: Storage: what can be done with the Freebox mini 4K in 8 Questions

Cost: 19 euros fee and 1.99 euros / month

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Fujifilm FinePix F550 EXR test more complete than ever!

On this market segment, Fujifilm was a little longer than others to arrive. He will have to wait F300 EXR in July 2010 to see anything other than a 10X zoom on a compact Fuji. Regardless, the Japanese manufacturer is now in phase in optics: today Finepix F550 EXR test the with 15X zoom and a brand new EXR CMOS sensor 16 megapixel!

Fujifilm Finepix F550 EXR

Photo Features

Pixels /


16 Mpix /

4608 x 3456 pixels

Sensor – size

CMOS backlit exposed EXR – 1/2


24-360 mm (15 X)

max / stab openings

f3.5 – f5,3 / Mechanical


3 ” / 461 000 pixels


100-3 ISO 200

(ISO 6400 8 Mpix

ISO 12 800 4 Mpix)


8 s – 1/2 s 000


1.5 cm

Flash range

Maximum 3.2 m


Yes Yes



+ 39 MB internal


Micro USB + mini HDMI

autonomy announced

300 pictures (CIPA)


103.5 x 62.5 x 32.6 mm


220 g


Li-ion battery mAh 1000

video Features

max quality

1080p 30 frames / s

Container – codec




Zoom / AF during video

Yes Yes

stabilized video

Yes, mechanical

Grip and ergonomics of the F550 EXR

The F550 EXR is of exactly the same design as the F300 EXR, with two differences: the growth of the GPS module on the F550 and the more racy colors on it (great by the way). Apart from that, the case displays the same very pleasing curves. It noted in particular the handle jammed and excellent curve in the thumb, to secure the grip gently.

Free passes his message to 10GB

Free broadband subscribers using webmail Zimbra proposed by the operator now has the opportunity to request to move to 10 GB of space to store emails, documents and photos from their email account.

Free catching up on the competition from other operators and specialists of online messaging with a welcome update of its webmail storage capacity. Powered by Zimbra, it will propose in effect 10 GB of space (1 GB against previously), provided that the subscriber requests it via their account management console. This will require it to connect with the identifiers of the email address you want to see enjoy these 10 GB. Note that migration is not instantaneous and that it is essential to have previously switched his account on Zimbra interface.

Free on from 14 to 18 March: Crystal Freebox 2 euros / month

Since this morning from 7 am Free again sells off its Internet access offer price on the first website.

Update: The event-sale started Friday morning, confirming that this is the Crystal Freebox 2 euros / month for 1 year

This year the appointment was advanced. While since 2010 Free lance a private sale in June, this time it launches in March, only four months after the previous one. Mean while Bouygues Telecom has put on the market a new triple play offer low cost, a Bbox 20 euros / month.

Like every year we did not know in advance what was going to propose precisely Free. However, the illustration of this “Free event” left little doubt: Free again proposes its offer ADSL Freebox Crystal to 1.99 euro / month for a year, instead of 31.98 euros / month.

The aim is to increase the number of subscribers, only new customers or those terminated for at least three months, will benefit from the offer. To benefit it will therefore travel between on Friday, March 14 and 7 am Tuesday, March 18 6h. The previous times the ISP had not limited subscriptions, so there should be no need to rush on offer.

Go further

Demonstration of the TV interface of the Freebox Revolution

Google initiates the end of Flash and HTML5 configure default in Chrome

Are the days numbered for Flash Player? Anyway, Google intends to favor playing videos in HTML5 by default.

Just a few years the vast majority of Internet videos based on Flash. Support for the HTML5 video tag has been much discussion, moreover, it was configured in fallback for compatible sites, often designed by developers anxious to respect the W3C standards. But the situation will gradually reverse.

In a group dedicated to the development of the open source Chromium project, developers intend to turn off playback via the Flash plugin to configure HTML5. This feature is planned for the fourth quarter of this year and will be implemented in a future version of the Chrome browser.

Anthony LaForge, technical manager at Google, explained that if a site offers an HTML5 experience then reading this will be privileged. However, the Adobe plugin will still be present in the browser. In fact, if a Web page supports the playback in Flash, the user will be prompted to activate it for this particular page.

Download Google Chrome for Windows, Chrome for OS X, Google Chrome for Linux

Somehow, Google confines the plugin Web sites that have not opted for a standard format. For the user, the result is a less pleasant experience, and the editor will be invited to gradually migrate its technology to another, more modern. Note in passing that Google Chrome is now the most used browser worldwide.

However, to avoid the intrusive alerts, developers have set up a white list of a dozen Web sites that Flash Player will be activated without the consent of the user. The latter is composed of,,,,,,,,, and

Video codec: H.264 Chrome abandon

Microsoft Edge will grow and WebM codecs and Opus VP9

For years, the Web was divided on the nature of the codec to be adopted for the video tag. Some wanted to H.264 bet, widespread, but it is subject to royalties governed by MPEG-LA. Others questioned the creation of digital locks for reading streaming VOD platforms. Since then, the W3C has worked on the standard support DRM and Google has developed and evolved the WebM container consisting of video and audio codecs and Opus VP9. This free solution has been adopted by other vendors such as Mozilla, Opera but also for Microsoft Edge.

Internet Explorer loses to Google Chrome

Streaming: The W3C is working on digital locks

The fruits of this work and how this functionality will take shape within Chrome are described on this page.

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G Data Antivirus 2013

As usual, G Data does not change … almost nothing to its antivirus which still relies on its simplicity, its dual engine and performance. And it seems that it always works …


The 2013 version of G Data does not break with tradition and provides very little new to the antivirus certainly enough full protection. In fact it is mainly for the German publisher to get to page: the new version now includes its own file reputation system and via the cloud websites.

This new protective layer reinforces an already proven arsenal, and as always based on two scanning engines, BitDefender precisely that and that Avast. The two motors can operate simultaneously or independently of one another, whereby the motor “A” rather focuses on the detection, and the “B” on the engine performance.

The third “pillar” of G Data is the Outbreak Shield behavioral analysis module. Protection includes web traffic, email and instant messaging (Yahoo, and Windows Live Messenger). Anti rootkit is also integrated.

However, G Data continues to make the minimalism regarding its functionality and does not provide, for example, specific modules for the protection of personal information, analysis of the search results or banking sites. Protection against banking Trojans was still the subject of attention in the previous version.

Analyses can be performed manually or scheduled basis during periods of inactivity of the computer, in a rather unusual way: it is a screen saver that handles this task.

As for signature updates, these are done automatically every hour.


Also no change in the interface and we do not complain, because it remains a model of sobriety. Windows 8 does not seem concerned about G Data: no touch optimization and not of Metro application (the software is meanwhile perfectly functional Windows 8).

This simplicity is not synonymous with austerity: G Data Antivirus is simple to use, its parameters are readable, easily accessible and there are some good ideas as safety indicators, memory and speed depending on options chosen: instead seen to calibrate its protection according to the performance of their PC.


Still difficult to G Data in default. On any series of recent URL, a faultless, often blocking the same display of the website. The two engines also do their job on the analysis of records merely threats, which is what it always turns out very good.

As on previous versions there is also a very moderate impact on Windows performance during analysis. CPU and RAM memory consumption is not insignificant but remains contained, and the service starts relatively quickly.

Our opinion

What about GData 2013 that has not been said of GData 2012? Not much, in fact: the qualities of the German antivirus are still there, the simplicity of its interface too. Its protection may seem a bit tight for novice users who prefer a more functional solution such as BitDefender, but it will delight users looking brevity. A reference which keeps going!

G Data Antivirus 2013 plus + Excellent detection performance + Clear and Effective Interface + The Lightness less – Some missing features – No new 4 Features Performance Efficiency Ergonomics

Google enriches its Chrome Apps with an offline mode and full screen

Google presents a new generation of its Chrome Apps running through its browser and positions a little more face to the true native applications.

Based on the observation that the browser is the software used by the consumer, Google little by little turns Chrome into real operating system for the Web. Last year, engineers wanted to give more autonomy to Web applications by encapsulating them in their own windows. The goal was to develop an ecosystem around its browser and Chrome OS hybrid OS.

Google announced a new category of Chrome Apps that collect “the speed, security and flexibility of modern Web with features previously only available in native applications.” However, they are for now only deployed through Chrome on Windows.

The engineer Erik Kay says that these Chrome Apps can now be used without an Internet connection. In addition they will be displayed in near-full screen mode, that is to say by hiding elements of the browser user interface.

An application of graphics manipulation or a text editor will be able to save not only a file on the local hard drive but also in an online storage service. Furthermore a system of notifications, note that it will be possible to import documents from a device connected via USB or Bluetooth.

Google says that these Chrome Apps benefit of browser security device by sandboxing and operate the synchronization module and automatic updates.

Among the first Chrome Apps available include graphical tool Pixlr, manager Wunderlist tasks or play Cracking Sands. Find out more from this page.

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